Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Easy Entertaining for Beginners: You Can Throw a Fabulous Party, from Holiday Fiesta to a Romantic Evening for Two
by Patricia Mendez

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This is a jewel of a book and its not just for beginners, as the title implies! The step-by-step processes outlined at the end of each chapter are invaluable! I am a seasoned cook that makes everything basically by "eye." I have had many of dinner parties, cook outs, holiday gathering meals etc and would have LOVED to have this type of instruction to go by! The instructions start days BEFORE and continue in increments until AFTER the party or dinner!
How many parties would I have enjoyed MORE if I would have been more prepared? ALL OF THEM!

There are 12 great chapters and 166 pages of great information! The suggestions start for a romantic dinner for two and builds up to a full blown celebration. There are classic recipes like mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie given in the book along side of some NEW recipes such as kahlua chocolate pie and Cosmopolatins . Each chapter is complete with instructions, recipes, suggestions, beverage recommendations as well as a "time line." There is even a CRAFT including in the little girls tea! How very appropriate and creative Ms. Mendez is!

Patricia Mendez has successfully filled a missing link in my cook book collection. Her outlook and odeas are fresh and unique. After thumbing through the book and marking several recipes it inspired me to plan a fall cookout!

This book has a "Moms Choice Award for Excellence" on the front cover. I am not sure what the criteria is for that award but I am sure Ms. Mendez didn't only meet them but surpassed them! This book is truly outstanding and an inspiration for all cooks, both young and old, novice and expert!

In the middle of the book is where you find the photographs that she has taken of some of the food in the recipes of the book. The photographs are great and present the food well. The lighting and the presentation are top rate. If I had any complaints about the book at all, it would be that I would prefer for the pictures to be with the recipes rather than in the center of the book.

The end of the book is a delight: closing thoughts, kitchen basics, conversion chart, substitutes and an index that makes everything easy to find. These rereference pages (in my humble opinion) should be readily available in all recipe books, rather than a chosen few. They are not only helpful but handy when included in the book I think Ms. Mendez
thought of everything but the preverbial kitchen sink when she wrote this book! :)

So like I said , don't let the title hold you back from purchasing this book! It would be a great gift or addition to your cookbook collections! Happy Entertaining Ya'll!

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