Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Across The Pond by Storyheart

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Thanks to Harry Potter and other popular books, there appears to be much interest in England these days. This is book is targeted towards a young adult or teen, but as a 47 year old adult I appreciated the Light & Easy read. This is a romance and travel adventure of a teen boy that comes "across the pond" from England to America for an eye opening adventure.

His parents have won a trip to Australia and send their son to stay with their American friends. As luck would have it the main character of this story, Fred, meets a young lady, a bully and an all American baseball hero on his short visit. It is a feel good story where everyone that is good makes out well and the bad guys lose!

This is a book that I would readily recommend for all tweens, preteens and early teens. I believe that it will appeal equally to boys as it would girls, even though it is labeled "romance" it is a well rounded story complete with school yard brawls and sports too!

One of the best features of the book , that was of most interest to me was the cultural comparisons. The main character wants a video game console and in order to get that he has to complete a notebook with words that are different or objects that have different titles in each of the countries. This is humorous and informative and the main reason my own 13 year old step-daughter wants to read it!

I am sure there will be a sequel to this story as the ending had a few possibilities, that hinted at "more to come." The main character, Fred, is a great guy for young ones to relate too, he has a lot of fortitude and great character for a young man which is rare in today's society. An example is set in this story for other youngsters without being "preachy."

Story Heart spins a good yarn and this book is no exception. I believe that everyone will enjoy it and it could quite possibly be made into a movie or TV special! Disney or Hallmark either one would like the components of it! Remember you read it here first!


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