Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Restaurant Deal 80% off your local!

I use this site OFTEN and bank a bunch of GC for later use and then when I go out of town or on vacation I always go look to see if there is anything I want to use at my destination location!

RIGHT NOW save 80% off your $25 GC (PAY $2 OUT OF POCKET) by
searching your zipcode or city HERE
and then at check out use code: NAPKIN
many of the GC "SELL OUT" because there are only a limited # of each available
GO NOW and take a peek if you are interested! I just looked and there are some GREAT ONES available in the RICHMOND AREA, now off to look for NJ!

Last week a GF and I met for a GREAT DINNER! We went to Ruchee's in Richmond
for some Indian Food! It was fantastic! We ordered a "sampler" appetizer, and 3 different entrees!
We split all of them and I took the leftovers home. I had 3 lunches from the leftovers!
I had gotten a $25 off $50 gc / coupon from the restaurant GC site for $3 many moons ago and had not used it so this was a GREAT opportunity! Our total bill was $73 Including a 20% tip and then deduction of $25 so $48 for EVERYTHING. I normally would not pay $73 for a dinner out , so this was FANTASTIC ........ under $25 each for dinner + 3 lunches later for me that were DELISH!

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