Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have neglected this blog in the past few weeks, as a matter of fact I have neglected a lot of things! I have had a ton "going on" inside and outside my house, my body and my brain! It truly is time to buckle down and get back to business!

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I have had two of my 3 grandchildren for the past 2 out of 3 past weeks! I tried to give each one of them some "quality" time that was catered to their likes, age and gender. I think I did accomplish that (even though my 4 yr. old grandson still got "mommy-sick" after a few days) and we had some great fun! :) if you are my friend on FACEBOOK then you can see the pics ( see pic on the left this is one of them) WE GOT SOME GOOD ONES!

I am STILL ONLINE grabbing a FEW FREEBIES AND DEALS in between all of the other responsibilities, problems and events in my life and I am steadily taking advantage of what the Wonderful WWW has to offer!

FREECYCLE rewarded me just yesterday with this beauty! I am going to REDO Kelly's old room and this will be in it! It will house the television and some linens! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I just love it! XOOXOXO to GEORGEANN who graciously put it up on Freecycle! She is moving to NC and put up quite a few nice items and I was lucky enough to get this one!'

My BOX MAN is busy delivering things to me as well! This week was no exception!
I got these two great items in the last two days!

FREE QUART OF PAINT - high quality eggshell no less!
I will be using this for a project here at my house........ not sure what but got a VANILLA CUSTARD color so that I could use it on multiple items


which will promptly go into my gift/prize closet for later use! PRIZE WINNINGS............ I really haven't entered but about 5 sweeps in the past 3 months and out of those five I have won 4! NOT TOO SHABBY
among the winnings SAM-E natural mood supplement from NATURE MADE........... going to enter the CODE into the SITE to collect my points! YEAAAAAAAAAA
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