Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ACCREDITED Cosmo School ? yep...........

YES the cost is income dependent (FASTFA) but many people don't realize that they can acquire a degree with any help at all! You can .......at EMIRE BEAUTY SCHOOL / COSMOTOLOGY ***complete professional training, opportunity, competitions, field trips etc......... High end degree for the field........respected graduates
GO HERE to sign up............ for information only NO OBLIGATION
Kelly went to this school and got a job offer before even graduating. Many of her peers are in high end spa's locally straight from this school. I was happy with the opportunities they offered her.

Many of her friends were able to secure funding due to it being a program that is accredited, some even went for nothing at all after Fastfa forms were filled out. Kelly did have to pay for her education but she feels it was worth the extra money to graduate from this particular school.

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