Monday, June 1, 2009

NYT OBAMA: "The Historic Journey"

I was never taught that it was important to vote. It was never even a topic in our household. I never went with my parents to vote and never knew who they would vote for if they went to the polls. When I became an adult it never occured to me to go get registered and participate in these activities at all............ UNTIL I worked the phones with a friend to make some extra money for the Democratic party in New Orleans.

PHOTO: Faith 2008 went with me to the polls I showed her how I voted and she saw first hand how the voting process went. She was late for school that day so that this could happen.

I was an EXTRA in a movie with my daughter, Kelly and fellow freelancing friend Tammy G.... a while back. The movie was called IRON JAWED ANGELS, it was about the womans Suffrage Movement and how important the RIGHT TO VOTE IS for women.

This years election was a history making event. There was interest in the election on all sides everywhere you went. The children were running around schools doing mock elections, tracking the debates and seeing signs everywhere they went. No matter what results came in 11/04/08 history would be made.

Our president ............ the first African-American President was elected............ and now there are books, magazines and newspapers tracking his footsteps. All are historical documents and I have reviewed this book for children and am very AWED by the photographs and words that are beautifully displayed to teach and document the living history we are seeing on the television.

Young Reader's Edition New York Times hardback book with "an astounding array of visual imagry" What a Great BOOK! I love the photography and the historical content combined. I highly recommend this book for your children or your bookshelf. It will be a reference used for reports as well as an informative resource. This book answers questions about the process, the president, the man and the family of Barrack Obama. Had this book or other books like it been available to me at an earlier age, I may have become a participating member sooner. All of the books that I saw / read / thumbed through as a young child, tween or teen were both DRY , BORING and the pictures were not relative to what I thought important. This book crosses over those lines and reveals in living color the political world of our president. He is not an iconic figure in this book or a statuesque remote figure that we cannot relate to, but a man, a real live man. I believe this is the type of book that could be quite inspiring to children that can see , that they too could be the next president!

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This book was sent to me to review by MOTHER TALK .

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