Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not that you don't know but..... what type of mom are you?

I got CLASS CLOWN MOM...... with TYPE A added in...... probably pretty true! Not that you need to be told what kind of mom you are , you prob. already know.. but take the quiz and see how accurate it is!

You are a complex Mama! You are organized, never run out of milk, and you book birthday parties 3 months ahead. But, you're able to let go: you're not an anal foodie, and you're not a strict disciplinarian. You do your best to get the kids a healthy meal but if pizza pops up three nights in a row, so be it. You tend to be loads of fun for your kids. You throw yourself into kids play with great passion! Forts, crafts, soccer games, you do it all! You run riot with your kids in the park and then find it in your heart to bake cookies for the PTA. But watch out! Those smart little monkeys may learn to play to your loose side and sneak around some rules from time to time, which may make your life more difficult!

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