Friday, June 19, 2009

Bible Belt CD, Free Download and more!

if you missed it last time, click here to download bittersweet ‘Fire Escape’, the dramatic album opener from Diane Birch’s debut record Bible Belt.

If you would like to "listen first" just scroll down to my playlist below and choose the fire escape by diane birch

My favorite song is actually "RISE UP" &"REWIND" on the album but the ENTIRE THING is great! I plan on taking it with me to listen on our travels next week in the car, PERFECT CD for heading to the Beach!

NOT A CD FAN? get it from itunes and load up that IPOD!

I am so loving this CD! this cd was recorded in NEW YORK AND N'AWLINS with the help of some grammy award winners.............. so ya know it has to be good!

Bluesy and catchy tunes fill the air with my AUDIO THERAPY this a.m.! Her voice is clear and unique. The piano is predominate but the percussion influence gets your body moving!

You can now purchase this cd with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer research thru the banner below (great cause that affects most of us somehow) I personally lost my GM and an Aunt due to this .......

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