Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ragu on sale w/ TWO NEW FLAVORS

Ragu was on sale this week at Food Lion for 3/$5 there was a coupon in the SS 4/5 for 30 cents off any sized jar! The RAGU website has a NEW SECTION of "Budget Friendly" recipes (PHOTO CREDIT:
that state feed your family with Ragu for under $2 a serving! If you have a family of four the math says......... $8 for the meal! You will see stats at the bottom of many recipes that show you the "cost per meal" and the "cost per serving" breakdown.

I loved them but BEWARE if you have picky kids in the house this one may not be for them! (in my house "peppers" are never a hit w/ our 13 year old) BUT THE TWO ADULTS LOVED IT! I happened to have peppers on hand that I found on clearance for 50 cents , fetticini was 30 cents for the box and got a reduced price on the pork chops too! (AFM) so my cost per serving worked out to much less than $2 as a matter of fact the cost per meal in this case would have been $1.30! (because I was doing this blog review for MOM CENTRAL my RAGU was also FREE so actual cost was 9cents per serving for the meal!)

Now I have to admit finding this flavor of Ragu (Ragu® Old World Style® Margherita Smooth Pasta Sauce) wasn't easy.......... I was actually trying to find it at KROGER first (double coupon store) but they never had it. The display was up with the advertisement for it but alas NONE IN STOCK YET! I ended up finding it on the TOP SHELF (in the back) at FOOD LION!
I have to say,that once you TASTE this sauce you will agree.............. it belongs on the "TOP SHELF with the good stuff"

If you are cooking more for the KIDS.... think that this style / flavor of sauce could be used for many other dishes especially home made PIZZA, it has some pizza flavoring as well as monz. cheese in it! :) I especially love that you get a FULL SERVING of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce! If you have really picky kids this is a sneaky way to get some good nutrients / calories in them!

The other new flavor is SWEET TOMATO BASIL I put together a dish of HEARTY BAKED RIGATONI for the freezer for when I get back from my trip to the beach! The smell is delicious! Everyone that walked in the house today made a comment about it!

SO OH YEA BABE go try the new RAGU! you will like it!

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