Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WHAT TO WEAR WHAT NOT TO WEAR that is the question...........

My daughter & a GF daughter who will remain nameless to protect the innocent I mean GUILTY.........have teamed up. They found some "common ground." They come from two TOTALLY different counties, towns, set of friends, and how they grew up and who they did and didn't hang around with. They find humor in two very different circles of media and their "truths" that they live by and just couldn't be more "opposite."

Recently through their mothers (who are not so polar opposite) they have found humor in saying certain things...........about our "age" and specifically our "wardrobe" choices. Dee" (I am safe calling her "DEE" because several of Besties all have "D's" that start their name and all have daughters. Its a thing around my house, when the "main" phone rings and it is "one of them that is what I get told.......... "It's one of the D's") and I don't find the humor in our saved Jessica McClintocks / Gunne Sax? We think they are beautiful and in my case, I wish mine still fit! this GUNNE SAX IS ON EBAY CURRENTLY by seller:


These two girls revert to an earlier age than their bio age and "giggle" amongst themselves, they they think they are comedians or something and in a taunting voice, threaten to write "what's not to wear" THE SHOW about us...............I am publicly writing about what I think about this and I hope I get lots of comments back about this, and this time if you email me a comment , I am promising that I will come back here and post them as I read them. NO HIDDEN COMMENTING PLEASE, make it easy on me and just post it here.......... ***Photo credit: positivelycelebrity.com

I don't think I am being unreasonable when I absolutely REFUSE to go on the show. I don't care if that lady showed up and offered me a $10,000 wardrobe I would say NO and not only NO , but "OH HELL NO!" I equate this experience to being similar to HELLS KITCHEN **Photo credit: www.cultureby.com , (which btw I love and would go on due to the large nature of the prize, if I thought I had a minute chance of winning it I would apply). NOW STACEY ON WHAT NOTS TO WEAR - that is another story - it would be TORTURE and that $5000 that they give you? NO WAY!!! at the stores they send you too I could get 1 pair of shoes for 4-6 times as much as some most EXCELLENT BIRKIES or MINNETONKA SANDLES OR FLAT BOOTS That are to die for. As a matter of fact a bit of age on my shoes almost makes them worth more because they are broken in and comfy too! :)

I could never part w/ a few pieces of my LARGE selection of a variety of styles of clothes. I was told , "YES MOM A 70's STYLE DRESS IS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN AN AUTHENTIC 70'S DRESS" I like VINTAGE, " hey what can I say? I would rather have the sequined hobo style purple handbag that we bought in Memphis for $15 than the $1500 that some of my friends would drool to have, and to be truthful, not even for FREE! :)

Those pizza toed shoes that some of those top models wear do not appeal to me in the least, I wouldn't wear them even if they were free, I want very steadily in my birkies and I can make them "closed toe" by wearing my funky tights or my soft cushy socks!

Ok it's out! I buy the "style" for my kids and my DH but I buy .......my own style...... for me phe a twist ....trendy/ gypsy? hippy? style I guess even sometime "flowery childy" ?

  • I once was playing a game called TRUE COLORS and the question was "whose closet would you shop in to play "dress up for a costume party?" I won this one by a SHOCKING SURPRISE TO ME!who in the world would want to do that? my closet was full of ECCLECTIC pieces of clothing!
  • I constantly have people in public that I do not know come up to me and compliment me on my dresses, and ask where I bought it this happens frequently
  • One of the "D's" snagged me an "authentic Italian pleather white jacket for me once" for me OMG
  • I buy most of my own clothes at thrift stores and online
  • Last year at an outdoor concert last year the lead singer picked me out of a crowd to tell me he "really dug my dress"
  • I would rather have my $15 purple sequined hobo bag that I got in Memphis than a $1500+ designer bag , hands down, a NON-D bestie of mine recently almost had a coronary when I said this to her!
  • I don't believe in everyone walking around looking the same or wildly different from each other either. I belive in individuality in thought, speech and expression. ....... But it repulses me for people to destruct or demean themselves in the process. An oxymoron? maybe........ but what I think......and probably a thin line here
  • My chiropracters wife said my wardrobe reminded her of her own, from her college "dead head" days! LOL
  • My daughters friend's love the "cute" dresses I wear
  • My Eye Dr. calls me "artsy girl"
  • One of my BF , DH calls me "the flower girl" although I don't know much about flowers
  • One of my daughters taste in clothing is very much like my own!
  • A "D" sent me a red dress "halter style" that was about 3 sizes to small for me in the mail with a pair of fuzzy red gloves to match my RUDOLPH RED TOE NAIL POLISH that I got at a CHRISTMAS TIME pedicure...........
I get it from all sides, my wardrobe choices are a topic of discussion when I really don't give it a second thought............ unless I am reading and article about it...........
there are days when I would agree with "hey mom could dress better" the days I am being FRUMPY and not going anywhere, not expecting company, working around the house and really don't feel like getting dressed.......... well this isn't the days they are talking about. They truly think that we would be chosen to be participants on this show, that I would emphatically say NO to being on , and would actually be MAD about them trying to rope me into it. ....... is that being a bad sport?

HOW could I give my "beloved vintage clothing up" that I have enough to wear something different almost every day .......... for about 1/4 amount of uncomfortable clothes that don't reflect who I am? On top of that I would have to listen to a woman , who I don't like the way she dresses, critique the way I am dressing in public and throwing away said beloved clothing as if it were rags................. OH NO SHE DIDNT!.................... I don't think I could take it.......

OK AS A MATTER OF FACT I THINK I UNDERSTAND AND WANT TO JOIN OUR LOCAL CHAPTER OF THE RED HAT CLUB as soon as I am 50, I think that is the age you have to be , everyday I live I understand it more! check out this website for a TEXAS chapter that I think ROCKS! :)


When I am Old I will wear Purple!

When I am an old woman,

I shall wear purple - -

With a red hat which doesn't go,

and doesn't suit me.

And I shall spend my pension

on brandy and summer gloves and satin sandles,

And say we've no money for butter.

I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired

and gobble up samples in shops

and press alarm bells

and run with my stick along public railings,

and make up for the sobriety of my youth.

I shall go out in my slippers in the rain

and pick flowers in other people's gardens

and learn to spit!

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat

and eat three pounds of sausages at ago,

or only bread and pickles for a week,

and hoard pens and pencils

and beermats and things in boxes.

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry,

and pay our rent

and not swear in the street,

and set a good example for the children.

We must have friends to dinner

and read the papers.

But maybe I ought to practice a little now?

So people who know me

are not too shocked and surprised

when suddenly I am old,

And start to wear purple!

--Jenny Joseph

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Kelly said...

This is Anjie's daughter. I would like to start by saying that I love my mother, no matter what she wears. She is beautiful in every way, but.....she could use an update in her wardrobe. They say that if you dress from the time you grew up in it actually makes you look older than if you dress up to date. Pizza toe shoes and $1500 hand bags are not the only items in style right now. There are boots and flats and sandals etc etc, but they dont have holes in the soles and open toed shoes with socks are not on the list either. FYI I love her purple hobo bag, and I told her so. I dont want my "madre" to change who she is or the style that she has, thats what makes her her. I just want her to wear clothes that were made in this century. Trust me mom...there are clothes out there that you would love, maybe even more than the ones you own. Stay cute, stay you, but dress to impress! I love you