Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rockwood Park - Ark Wildlife Exhibition/ baby shower

this organization ARK I have written about before and many of us have contributed to in one way or another over the years! (THANK YOU) had an
annual BABY SHOWER to welcome the new babies that will be landing in homes of the rehabbers....... very shortly. The rehabbers volunteer their work, time, space, food etc ....... any help is appreciated

OWL loving the wind beneath her wings!

Arkansas girl, Marsha, who was doing crafts with the kids

Diane, the prez, doing face art for the kiddos

A close up of the owl, Amber ....... looks like she is meaning business!

This girl is a "natural" for the camera........ the girl and the owl are both named "amber" how cool is that?

I may use this shot for my Christmas Cards this year? not sure
but LOVE this shot.....

HERE is the wishlist of things that they can use EVERY NOW AND THEN we can get items from the wishlist for FREE ........

Area Rehabbers Klub
2847 Corso Drive
Powhatan, VA 23139
(804) 598-5148

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