Friday, March 13, 2009

Neosporin to the rescue


I can remember a couple of things from childhood that my children never had to endure, that I dreaded with every ounce of my being and were thought to be "the only way" to do things.
These things included:
mecurachrome (photo credit:
cod liver oil
among others...........UGH

I was happy that I didn't have to use the same remedies that were used on me..... my children NEVER MINDED my rescue remedy, NEOSPORIN- I love(d) it because it has anti-biotics in it and works to heal, my children love(d) it because it didn't hurt! It is a TRUSTED name in my household! Now everyone knows that I use coupons and look for the "deals" but when it comes to certain items, I will buy it if I need it, no matter if I have a coupon or not. (I prefer to NOT do this and stockpile when there are deals to avoid this at most every cost but...............)

Just recently my grandson had an "accident" which sent him to the emergency room for possible stitches. Well, he didn't get them because of the placement of the wound, but he did get butterfly bandages and strict orders "to clean and nuture" the wound "watching for infection."
WELL, LA-LA (thats me) quickly suggested to my DD "Neosporin" as it has anti-biotics and pain relief! That was the ticket for my DD who had to FIGHT with her son to get ANYTHING , even water on the "boo-boo's!" So Neosporin to the RESCUE! I am happy to say that he is healing quite nicely............ without infection! Picture taken just before the accident (left)

My other daughter, Kelly, doesn't have children yet, but is a hair dresser and gets knicks and cuts all of the time. She recently visited and was taking the kiddo-s (her sister, friend and nephew to the park) and saw my neosporin on the counter. She asked if she could take one home because she didn't have any. A house without Neosporin just isn't acceptable because anything can happen and you know WE LOVE IT! And she was now READY just in case there were any boo-boo's on the horizon! Luckily there were none, but she was ready to rescue if needed!

Neoporin just came out with a new product....... NEO TO GO
I love it! it slips into your purse, glove compartment, pocket etc and you are ARMED AND READY , if something is to happen. This product is not the cream or ointment that we are used to in our house, but yet a spray on product. I quickly added this product to my TRAVEL BAG
as we like to go on trips and vacations "prepared" and you guessed it, we were out of Neoporin! This particular product is GREAT because it is in a hard plastic / crush resistant container which is a definite improvement over the tubes that I used to carry!

THANK YOU NEOSPORIN! I am NEO TO GO ! perfect-o! Thank you MOM CENTRAL for the opportunity to share this great product! :)

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