Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day! Luck o' the Irish!

Today is St. Paddys Day! I am at least a 1/4 Irish as many are, here in the USA. My Grandfather was 100% Irish. His family immigrated here directly from the homeland. His name was Arthur Roode McCleary (you know he was teased about that middle name as a child!) I am not sure what they called him growing up - but all I can remember people calling him was "Daddy, Papa & Mr. Mac" He didn't teach me anything about being Irish, or what that meant, but he did travel to Ireland a couple of times that I remember. I like to decorate "a wee bit" and eat some LUCKY CHARMS (LOL)
but don't do too much else.......... check out my IRISH TABLE filled with GDA (click on photo to enlarge), I am sure you will remember a few of them! :) I LOVE IT!

BEING IRISH IN VA........... Wear green or "get pinched" and beware the tiny leprechauns may be playing some tricks on you! :) These are some common practices that I learned in school. One girl that went to school with my daughter would wake up on St. Paddys Day to GREEN LOLLIPOPS all over her yard! I never really had any "traditions" growing up until my teen age years in New Orleans! There, we celebrated in fashion! The parades there are fantastic and you bring a bag with you to collect cabbage, carrots, potatoes etc............ everything but the BEEF for a good Irish stew. In addition you got beads, cups, kisses, green flowers , green beer and tons of fun!

Richmond has a party every year called SHAMROCK THE BLOCK at Shokoe Slip. The last two years have been "nasty weather" and not condusive to me attending, I don't like the cold or wet weather........... and many restaurants have special GREEN MENUS with GREEN BREW here in town. Kelly was Little Miss Shamrock one year and we visited O'tooles piano bar/restaurant in her Crown & Banner .......... and I think she was also in a parade. Check out our IRISH FLAG in the (UGH) snow!

This picture is of Faith getting ready to go to school "getting her green on" we will be eating some "green" foods (nothing moldy) tonight and I will be looking for some CONTESTS AND DEALS ..........to celebrate and to decorate next year!

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