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Ladies, Gentlement, Clowns & Kids, welcome to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!


Everyone knows that I am a "CIRQIE" or a big fan of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL................ and have traveled around to go to their shows............ but THIS TIME thanks to MOMCENTRAL and their enthusiasm, I have been chosen to blog about a show that I am actually going to.. the REAL "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!" the advertisements here are all for the ZING ZANG ZOOM show and they look so exciting! NOT ONLY are they incorporating some of the same events like the "wheel of death" into their show from the international circus but if you go an hour early you get to meet the cast, see the animals up close, interact with clowns and much much more! :) And guess what? THIS CIRCUS cost a LOT LESS than the CDS..........

PLUS as an ADDED VALUE visitors are going to be allowed to come to the show 1 hour in advance (no extra cost) "you will have opportunity to meet circus performers and dress up in clown costumers, which happens one hour before each performance:this should be GREAT FUN and provide for some EXCELLENT kodak moments! I CANNOT WAIT!

SPECIAL PRICE 4 tickets for $44 using code: MOM at check out

I haven't been in many years but have already got my tickets for SPRING BREAK to take FAITH and 2 of the GRANDKIDS to the show. Faith & Lockley have "special tickets" and are sitting far away from us for the show.......... actually the other side of the areana because they are going to be able to GET ON STAGE with the clowns! OMG can you say KODAK MOMENT? I am so happy!

We are going the same week the kids are out of school after EASTER, I just need to find a GDA on the HOTEL and we will be all set! :) (uh ZIPPY do you have a suggestion? on a good hotel deal? comment here or lmk!)

THERE are some SPECIAL OFFERS by the RINGLING BROTHERS CIRCUS that some of you that are NEW to FREELANCEBYU may have never heard of that i thought I would share to you!

#1 NEW BABIES are all eligible for 1 free ticket to the B&B circus again this year. Many of you may be thinking "I am not taking my UNDER 1 YEAR OLD CHILD to the CIRCUS, they will never remember it and it isn't worth is" if this is you PAY ATTENTION: you do NOT have to use this ticket before a certain date................. they can use this ticket AT ANY TIME in their LIFE :) just put this ticket in the baby book and it is good forever, YOU WILL THANK ME LATER that you took the time to do this! I am not sure how long they have been doing this offer but I didn't find out about this until at least 5 years ago.............and I never did this for my own kids. I told Rachel & Destiny (my daughters) about this offer and NEITHER of them did this that I am aware of but ............they SHOULD HAVE, I am sure they thought (like some of you) "why would I want to take my little newborn to a circus?" Because what other company would be so nice to give you an open - ended, high cost, no expiration date coupon? (none that I know of) HINT GOING OUT TO MY NEW NEWPHEWS PARENTS...................GET LITTLE AJ ONE YOU WILL THANK ME LATER! :)

#2 MILITARY DISCOUNTS on SOME SEATS................ everyone knows that I love companies that offer goodies and discounts to the families of deployed troops.........well this company (Barnes & Baily) is no exception: This discount doesn't apply to every seat in the house but SOME SEATS are discounted for active duty military members and their families by a few dollars and we all know that every dollar counts! :)

Your local area may have a "special grand opening night" sponsored by a local tv station or radio station. Our area usually does. This night varies / if even offered in every city. Listen to your local stations to see if they mention anything like this on their commercials.

#4 years ago our closest large city, RICHMOND had a "parade" of sorts. The elephants were walked down the main street of the city into the indoor areana. I never got to go , so I don't know much about it.. but I do know that I longed to go to this event year after year in elementary and middle school when I heard all my friends speak of it. We could never have the "time" to go to something like this because it was "always on a school night" which may explain why so many kids start "hating school" when it interferes with "fun nights!" :) CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ABOUT IT HERE

#5 On the main website there is a banner that says SPECIAL OFFERS you can find several of the offers I have listed here plus a COMMEMORATIVE CERTIFICATE for the CIRCUS FANS for this years CIRCUS......... this is a FREE Souvenir along with the pictures you take. I am 99.9% postive that you will not be able to take children and not spend a BUNCH of money on snacks, cotton candy or something that is CIRCUS'ie............. so make sure you have some extra cash on hand............... I always try to buy a tshirt on line on ebay or somewhere that is commemorative of the trip as well, that automatically cuts out the URGE to buy a tshirt! :) if you are LATE on the tour schedule you may also want to check for a PROGRAM these are usually VERY expensive at the show.......... and many kids want them.........

#6 This year in Richmond a special "meet the cast, characters and animals" night was held, for the visually impaired. While I didn't personally attend this event, I know of a little girl that was invited. I read the RTD article with interest, this is absolutely a touching story and another reason why I wanted to go see the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH again this year.


Standing just outside the center ring at the Richmond Coliseum, Kimberly Drudge was as eager as any child to share details of her circus experience.

The 7-year-old said the clowns were funny. The long-haired dog was pretty. And Asia, the 8,000-pound star of the latest Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey production, was wrinkly.

The descriptions ring true with circus fans of all ages. Being able to relate to them through hands-on experience, however, meant even more to 32 visually impaired Virginia students like Kimberly who got a chance to see the circus their way yesterday.

That meant up-close-and-touchable access to clowns, props and even Asia the elephant. She, by the way, feels like hairy sandpaper.

"When you go to the circus, there are so many things going on that no matter how hard you try to describe it . . . you just can't pull it off -- ever. This is going to help," said Kimberly's mom, Dawn Peifer, who is president of the Virginia Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (

HERE ARE THE MONEY SAVING OFFERS that MOM CENTRAL and BB have come up with this year for your pleasure:
Offer #1: Get 4 tickets for just $44 by entering the code "MOM" at select ticketing channels**. Offer good on all performances, minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each. Offer not valid on Circus Celebrity Seating, Front Row and VIP seating or combinable with other offers. Other Restrictions May Apply.
· Offer #2: A select amount of Front Row and VIP seats have been reserved for you to buy before they go on sale to the public - just enter the code "MOM" when purchasing those seats. Dates and cities where families can use the national MOM discount code this spring are as follows:

Newark/East Rutherford/Uniondale/NYC Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents ZING ZANG ZOOM
March 5 - April 13
Offer not valid on performances from April 10 - 13 at Madison Square Garden

Washington D.C./ Fairfax, VA/ Baltimore, MD
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® proudly presents Over The Top
March 18-April 19

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents ZING ZANG ZOOM
May 13-May 25

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents ZING ZANG ZOOM
June 24-June 28

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® proudly presents Over The Top
July 15-July 26

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents ZING ZANG ZOOM
July 8-August 2

San Francisco
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents ZING ZANG ZOOM
August 12-August 23

Dallas/Ft Worth
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® proudly presents Over The Top
July 29-August 16

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents ZING ZANG ZOOM
August 27-August 30

Kansas City
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® proudly presents Over The Top
September 16-September 20

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