Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just wanted to take a minute and talk about my other SITES / BLOGS.......
and the LACK of DECORATION that they have! :)

I have been BLOGGING since 1996 , before it was called BLOGGING it was called a DIARY
and I had one that went with my main site FREELANCEBYU.COM It was very simple, no hyperlinks , just a black background with white font........ and then BLOGGING took over the net! :) Now I have progressed to an actual BLOG but I have a long way to go! 2004-2007 HERE

MY MAIN WEBSITE has a beautiful LOGO that tops the page (I have included it here in this post) that my partner and I chose from submissions to a contest that we ran in 2000 ......... this was the winner.....

I just got my 125x125 button made (ITS NOT EVEN CUTE!) but it was free..... but you have to have one to participate in ENTRECARD which a few bloggers have been gently nudging me to do! I did it for this blog ANJIE'S WORLD but intend on getting a better one (more customized) for my main blog THE FRUGAL FREELANCER......

OH yea, and now you need to DECORATE .......... LOL with all kinds of graphics and buttons
and big ole header that reflects your personality, I have seen many of my readers TAKE OFF with this and do like a SCRAPBOOKING page , VERY CREATIVE STUFF.........

Sooooooooooooooooooo I have been pondering what exactly to do with my own blogs, RIGHT NOW they are content based, meaning that the MEAT of the blog is what I am writing or sharing with you NOT the decor........... but it appears that now I need BOTH ........ LOL

OK so I am going to look around at some templates and some other blogs and find one that I like and DECORATE my blogs......... it may take me awhile because #1 I am picky and #2 I am frugal
my GUT says DO IT YOURSELF while my brain says.......... YOU DONT HAVE TIME
soooooooo wish me luck and stay tuned for the new and improved DECORATED BLOGS! :)


Wendy said...


You've been online almost as long as I have. I came online in 1993 and still remember the gray background and no pictures.

Let me know if you need ideas for a new template. I like this layout. You just need some color on the right sidebar and to get rid of that Blogger navigation at the top.


Freelancebyu.com said...

WOW! did you start with prodigy?
yes I am going to need a few new layouts! LOL