Monday, February 23, 2009


I am a group leader/moderator for my local FREECYCLE ! I have "given lots" of things to others on Freecycle including things as simple as BOXES / STYROFOAM peanuts (for moving and shipping)
to FURNITURE (both indoor and outdoor) , DECOR, ELECTRONICS, CLOTHING, a PLETHORA of family games and even a HAMMOCK! Ya neva know what you may find on your local Freecycle! A personal friend of mine rec'vd a DRYER when hers went ka-put and another person I know had a house fire in my neighborhood and was able to get a stove to replace the burned up one! An online friend of mine got the most beautiful Entertainment Center and showed me a picture of it, I was in AWE! I have rec'vd BOOKS, SHEETS, CLOTHING , SEWING MACHINE and tomorrow I am picking up a comforter for my SD room (white) with matching sheets! woooooooohooooooooooo I see all kinds of things being given from one home to another out of the goodness of one's heart and to top it off it keeps things from the land fills! NOW as you can tell I LOVE ME SOME FREECYCLE and encourage everyone to sign up for their LOCALS. IF YOU DONT HAVE A LOCAL................ SIGN UP TO START ONE! :) Now there are RULES and each group has person(s) that moderate and monitor the postings....... so make sure to read the rules before you TAKE OFF~!

CRAIGS LIST is an ALTERNATE to FREECYCLE and has a FREE listing and a BARTER listing as well. you may want to check or list on BOTH! :)

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