Monday, January 19, 2009


OK you will hear some "bitterness" here in this post .............straight from my memories - just ignore that it actually is kind of "funny" in its own odd way..........

My "STEP" grandmother (the only grandmother that lived in the same state as me growing up who never believed that "step" was as good as "real") lived her life going to Church every Sunday and even took me once , introducing me as "PATRICIAS DAUGHTER" until I could answer every biblical question in her "old lady" sunday school class, then that turned to "GRANDDAUGHTER for that day" NEVER DID AGAIN BUT IN ANY CASE..................She lived in my same state growing up. We were never close, we didn't spend holidays together, we didn't have "family gatherings" and we didn't "share stories" either........... so in every REAL SENSE of the word she was just a person that from time to time I saw (1-2 times yearly) that didn't really like me or any other "step" person that entered her life for that matter. I think "step" was almost like a SCARLET LETTER........ this was a person that I was forced to call "NANNY"

Nanny moved to Florida when she retired. She lived far away from most of her relatives and all of her STEPS. She had arthritis and took this medication for it. Her Doctor warned her "do not take TYLENOL or ADVIL or any other pain killer with this medication." Well being as SMART as she was she decided that meant not to take them at the SAME TIME instead of not taking them AT ALL.

LONG STORY SHORT is that she died because she did not have the proper information and did not "interpret" it safely. HAD SHE OR THOSE THAT SHE WAS RELATED TO had the benefit of these new services from DRUGS.COM / MEDNOTES she may still be living today. She had a terrible reaction which shut down her kidneys and ultimately killed her. SHE Overdosed on PAINKILLERS! Not the kind that you would think about in the "street" but a prescription drug along with an over the counter medicine ultimately killed her. She was and is missed by all of her "reals" and had this site been around she probably could have lived at least a few more good "quality?" years.

When I go to the Dr. and get a prescription I often get several papers at the pharmacy that tell me about the DANGERS, POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS etc of the prescription. I am a person that takes many NATURAL remedies, dietary remedies, holistic meds etc FIRST before getting the prescriptions. So I am fortunate that I don't have to worry too much about the interactions of meds............. BUT MANY OF US DO including my daughter and her 2 children. My daughter takes more Meds monthly than I have in the last 20 years I think! she found out the hard way that her medicine "reacts" with several natural products including vitamin B!

THESE SITES ARE REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD AND DRUGS.COM even has a DRUG IDENTIFIER (you know when you find a loose pill and you wonder "what is this?") WONDER NO MORE, go here and check it out before throwing it away!

THERE IS AN EASY TO USE DRUG SIDE EFFECT PAGE TOO, you know when you hear / see the commercials for the meds that tell you how wonderful they are , and then really really fast voice tells you a bunch of awful complications that could occur , while another more soothing slow voice keeps talking over those awful things, well, just TURN THAT MESS OFF go online and come to this user friendly site where you can see it ALL IN PLAIN ENGLISH and make informed decisions. TAKE YOUR HEALTH INTO YOUR OWN HANDS and make INFORMED decisions ~ its EASY AND FREE

check it out for yourself and those you love and even your "steps" too!

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