Thursday, January 15, 2009


My weight at 5'3 is unacceptable....... I put a few lbs back on when I was pregnant 2 years ago and then I quit smoking in MAY 2008 ....... my ideal weight was reached a some years back thru the DETOX / CABBAGE SOUP DIET (2 times in a month) 110-115 lbs on a small frame (small bones)

2 days ago my scale said 138 lbs (dr. scale said 143 which is the accurate one I am sure) but I am going to use my scale as a reference as ........ that is the one I have at home. my goal is to lose 25 lbs in 6 weeks or 4.2 lbs a week
can I do it? probably not that quickly........ but it is good to have a goal! :)

I made some SOUP (just like the recipe thru the above link with these adaptions) yesterday
ground venison

I want to be "accountable" so I am going to keep track of what I eat and when here on this blog so we can see the results........

DAY 1 (wed)

breakfast: burrito
Lunch: ACTIVA strawberry yogurt
Dinner: soup
Dessert/Snack 3 chocolate candies DH made me do it! :)
Beverage : Coffee with RAW sugar & Water all day
VITAMINS: multi, D, C, Ginsing, Acai Berry, Melatonin
SLEEP: 8 hours
EXERCISE: general running around, errands - 5 sit ups - SI

DAY 2 (thurs)
breakfast: pear (hickory farms)
Lunch : ACTIVA Vanilla Yogurt
Dinner: soup & salad
Dessert/Snack: yogurt, handful of peanuts
Beverage: Coffee with RAW sugar & Water all day
VITAMINS: multi, D, C, Ginsing, Colan Clense, Acai Berry
SLEEP: 8.5 hours
EXERCISE: light housekeeping, moving boxes to attic, 5 sit ups

WILL WEIGH IN TOMORROW...........and add to this what I eat the rest of the day!

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