Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DIET: lost some days/accounting

Ok I lost a DAY OR TWO in my "accounting" of my "DIET" I have to say that I am still at MINUS 3 LBS and counting............. the minutes/days/etc until that amount changes ...........

Breakfast: tangerine
Lunch: Fried Chicken Livers, Cheese Toast
Snack: pineapple
Dinner: Chicken Strips from Mcdonalds, french fries
BEVERAGES: Coffee with raw sugar, diet coke, water
EXERCISE: Shopping spree
STRESS (1-10) 2
SLEEP : 6 hours

Breakfast: Granola, 2% milk, blueberries
Lunch: Fried Chicken Livers, brown rice & mini banana
Snack: handful of Pistachios
Beverages: Coffee with raw sugar, water w/ lime
Exercise: sitting most of day, chased some birds with my camera
SLEEP: 8 hours

THIS IS GOING MUCH SLOWER than anticipated, still taking my daily regimen of herbs, vitamins etc........ no change there....... may need to increase exercise to get the ball rolling
I am actually eating what ever I want and enuff to fill me up, just different STUFF than I was eating before, no biggy


Beth said...

Anj - following your eating accounts and you are one BRAVE woman, posting it in public. I'd hate to admit to all the world that I ate 1/4 a bag of lime tostitos today...

(but I just did)

I followed a modified eating plan from a book called 'Fat Flush' last summer and found great success with my health. I felt wonderful; took several supplements and ate tons of protein and veggies. I've never felt healthier. It takes a lot of discipline, so unfortunately I've not continued to the degree I was last summer. However, it was interesting. You might be interested in checking it out!

Happy almost-birthday, by the way!!! said...

I LOVE LIME TOSTITOS! :) I am hopeful that my accounts online of what I am doing to lose some unwanted lbs........... will keep me in check LOL and "accountable"

Thanks for the BDAY GREETING TOO! getting ready to post on the frugal freelancer about the goodies that you can get free

I will check out the FAT FLUSH too thanks 4 the heads up