Friday, January 16, 2009

DAY 3 - 3 lbs

doesn't that make you feel good when you see a "difference?" who cares if it is "water weight"
you just plain feel better when the scale has you 3 lbs less than what you were 3 days ago!
NOW stop here and go to the FRIDGE
look at what 3 lbs of hamburger meat looks like! (or 3 lbs of water if like)
that is what I lost!

breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: soup
Dinner: Chili w/ venison, salsa, tortillia chips - small slice of pinapple cream pie w/ cool whip
Dessert/Snack: handful of peanuts(salted) - pear - VANILLA YOGURT & 2 DRIED apricots
Beverage : coffee with raw sugar + 2% milk, 8 oz of organic mango/strawberry juice
VITAMINS: multi, D, C, Ginsing, Acai Berry, Green Tea, Colon Cleanse, melatonin
SLEEP: 9 hours
EXERCISE: taking care of 2 year old :) , general house work (laundry, vaccuming etc)

******** NEW ADDITION TODAY TO STATISTICS IF I WERE DOING WEIGHT WATCHERS apparently the chili would be 3 points and the tostitos 12 of them with salsa would also be 3 points

TOTAL POINTS today : 13 points (my allowance would be 18 if I figured it out right and the SOUP is basically ZERO POINTS except that I added the venison so I am still UNDER the points and am NOT adjusting for any exercise or vitamins etc.........

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