Thursday, December 11, 2008

Freelancing VIRTUAL job opportunity with MASHABLE!

A lot of Freelancers, readers & visitors often write me about JOBS or WORK they can do from home. THIS ONE IS PRIMO! if you are interested in obtaining a job like this make sure you FIT THE QUALIFICATIONS before you spend your time applying!

I have a post or two that I have written in the past about working from home (maken baken) that you could read here with a great article written by a work at home "guru" included in it. I recommend reading the article and making sure you have a quiet space and are self disciplined before beginning any venture in the "wah" market............ but in any case A GREAT JOB OPPORTUNITY has been posted HERE
if you meet the qualifications I would certainly apply!

189K READERS and 21K followers
("K" stands for thousand! OMG!)

"Mashable is looking for a Day Time Social Media Blogger. They want someone who can write, meet deadlines, and is passionate about the web and social media - not necessarily in that order. If you’re going to apply, you better have a serious footprint on the web - participation in lots of social media sites and lots of Google results for your name. This job is full-time or part-time and can be located in New York City or virtually. To apply for this job with Mashable, send an e-mail to with your “E-mail Address, Location/Time Zone, Links to 6 recent (past 4 months) writing samples, Resume or List of proof of about Criteria, and Social Media Links (Twitter, Facebook, etc).”
Day Time Writer Needed

Mashable is looking for a qualified day time blogger, do you have what it takes to join the Mashable team?

- Previous Writing portfolio
- Previous Editorial or Copy Editing duties
- An Intense understanding of the Social Media, Startup and Web Space
- A Great Attitude
- A Power Social Media User
To apply, send an email with the following:
E-mail Address
Location/Time Zone
Links to 6 recent (past 4 months) writing samples
Resume or List of proof of about Criteria
Social Media Links (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Compensation: TBD

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES INCLUDE Freelance Writing Opportunities Many freelance positions are available, and you can devote as much time as you have available. Please contact jobs at with the subject line “Mashable Writer Application” for more information and guidelines. Please submit examples of your previous works and any topic ideas you’d like to work with.

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