Monday, December 8, 2008


Everyone that has been "around for a while" knows that Anjie always does SOMETHING for the holidays for others. I always donate to at least one family in need financially, with gifts, food etc (that is the easy part that many american's do) but it is so much more fun to be CREATIVE to give from the heart TO ELF AROUND!

One of the projects that I have done, "Operation Santa" was a huge success and was quite rewarding for all! It was a huge project for FLBYU in the past and has made many people happy. It was a HUGE undertaking that involved many volunteers, time, money and efforts connecting people with others.

Last year I choose not to do Operation Santa as we knew it in the past due to many factors. I did an online HELP CALL and put my efforts into a local family (one in my neighborhood) and to a "randomly selected" secret santa pal in TEXAS. I joined a group that was doing SECRET SANTA and then was assigned a girl in TEXAS that I really knew NOTHING about. It was a leap of faith. OMG she was THRILLED with what happened. I just started sending her goodies day by day............ she quickly caught on and wrote me the sweetest letter stating that "no one really knew what she was going through at home and she had not asked for any help but my gifts to her meant so much and lifted her spirits."

My heroes are all philanthropists and I aspire to be "just like them" when I grow up! (er......... I mean when I am able....... 46 years old is grown up - UGH) anyway if you have never heard of TOM CANNON read up on him, he is my #1 local hero. Next on my list OPRAH (yea I know some people are mad at her over Sara Palin) but lets not take away from her , the giving spirit that she has to help others including the REAL LIFE FAMILY in the book "There are no Children Here."

I have had all kinds of email from fellow freelancers that are now able to GIVE to others when they thought they never could due to the SAVINGS that we have here at FLBYU. The freebies and samples that we get (and often take for granted) make great gifts for others! Make a basket of baby items and donate to a shelter, SOME MOM TO BE will be smiling to rec've the items that you just have on hand. We have made home made baked goods and sent them cross country to a gentleman that was the DAD to our online friend that passed away shortly after living his final days knowing that people did care! We sent hats and warm clothes to Cancer patients and even found a company willing to give eye glasses to a woman who could not afford them. WE have handed out candy canes in stores to the unsuspecting BAH HUMBUGS across this great country and even "paid the bill" for some of those in line at McDonalds. We don't wait for the holidays to ELF AROUND here at FLBYU ........... we do this YEAR ROUND........... the HOLIDAYS just adds to the excitement! :)

I got started with my elfing, years ago, and maybe you haven't ELFED AROUND yet........... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? if you are a FREELANCER (member of our site) you are getting goodies everyday in your snail mail box, freebies at the drugstore, grocery store etc.......
these items help others if you don't need!

************if you are stockpiled gather some goods and donate!

PET ITEMS: if you don't have pets, collect your coupons and freebies for pets and find a local shelter to donate to............ HERE is a site you can get a SAMPLE (look under PET PRODUCTS)
you can also COLLECT POINTS to help a shelter AND you can find your local shelter info here too!

TROOPS : the cutoff date for sending packages has passed but you can still take a moment and send a card for FREE to support our troops thanks to XEROX

SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE: join / create / sponsor here

TOYS FOR TOTS, CHRISTMAS ANGEL TREES, etc etc OR GET CREATIVE AND FIND A NEW WAY don't just do this for the holidays do this year round , each one of us can make the world a happier place! :)

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