Tuesday, November 18, 2008

make money "Freelancing"

EVERYONE KNOWS that I am a "freelancer" I do work for myself as a private contractor (you pay your own taxes and have your own deductions) from the money I make from companies.
My list of multi-streams of income is LONG ..... I don't do "one particular thing" but a list of things. It is HARD to keep up with my book-keeping but it is worth it because I can work around my family's schedule and don't have to get into my car to go to work (unless I want to)

Here is a website that focuses on WORK and all aspects of your "JOB." The site has many resources for FREELANCING as well. here is an article (good one) on Making money (Maken Baken as I call it) if you are considering doing the same it is worth the read! :)


WORKS by Nicole Williams via kwout

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