Friday, November 14, 2008

A BUSY - Historical - Interesting month

OK I am behind on my blogs ............. and everything else for that matter but
I am attempting to CATCH UP!

My Halloween (WIZARD OF OZ) did not get completed :( we were missing the TIN MAN and the FLYING MONKEY that I wanted to put up........ but what we did have was great! check out our apple throwing moving tree form the haunted forrest!

The good news is that my GRANDSON GAVIN was the TIN MAN and they are going
to give me his costume so that I can make it next year!

NOVEMBER has been a month to remember for the USA We have a new president elected to take office in 2009 (OBAMA)
who made history on 11/4

On that same day I welcomed Little FIVE MASS to anjie's world
SEE HOW CUTE he is! He is the FIFTH in his generation OMG! :)

I can hardly believe it! My DH flew a FIGHTER JET! yep thats right! I bought him the opportunity 2 years ago for his 50th bday, but we had to postpone the trip 2x ......he finally did it! TOP GUN! :) What an experience the pic to the left is him getting GEARED UP to fly! I purchased this experience thru this GREAT COMPANY there are other "adventures" to choose from too! hmm looks like they added some new stuff............. WOOOOOHOOOO

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