Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're off to see the WIZARD...................Upcycling OZ

Would you believe that this doll I bought at a local consignment store............. is now "Dorothy?" I bought this doll for $14.00
it wasn't even "out" for sale but I told the owner I was looking for a doll that would stand up and she found this in the back for me! :) A simple trip to WALMART by Kelly, some Crafting by Me and some "Sewing with glue" technique by Rachel made the perfect DOROTHY

TA-DA! Here she is.............
all beautiful! AND FRUGAL TOO.........

****note: wizard of oz globe, bowls, and mugs in picture are all GDA from last year. Globe was inspiration for the doll!

She is placed now on our porch with the SCARECROW (cheapy from Big Lots) the LION (upcycled with other items) by Anjie
and we are now OFF to see the wizard!

We are not finished YET but I will post some more before and after photos and the rest when we are done! STAY TUNED!

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