Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Bibliophile Strikes Again!

Saturday, Our little town of Powhatan was ROCKING with excitement! We had the BSH FALL FESTIVAL, the POW WOW (11+ tribes), Flea Market at the Red Barn (see comment on the 10 days of giving) and last but certainly not least........... the semi-annual Friends of the Library Book Sale!

2 FUNNIES that happened at the library

#1 young boy sitting under table in a ball reading a book, I saw him down there hiding & the lady said "are you missing a son?" (really I think it was her son!) and I said nope but if I were his age I would be right where he is , doing what he is doing! Then I corrected myself and said "even at my age I would want to do exactly what he is doing!"

#2 lady w/ her teen daughter looking at books this is how the conversation went
LADY: oh look here is "chicken soup for the teenage soul"
DAUGHTER: (sternly, whipping around her head) "I DONT EVEN LIKE CHICKEN SOUP"
me: (giggle giggle) I guess you are more like a "tomato soup kinda girl"
DAUGHTER: (eyes rolling) "yea"
ALL OF US: "giggle giggle giggle"

There is information on how to join the Friends org. at the library (brochure) but it doesn't appear that they have their own website. I am going to join this DEFINITELY ..... they don't take a charge card so I have to go BACK to do so. maybe I can help them set up a site......... in any case

The book sale was $1 for hardbacks and 50cents for paperback books, any and all. It was a 2 day sale and there were plenty of books left when I got there. They made an announcement that they were closing in a while and the price was now $4 PER BAG of books............. we got 2 full bags (about 40 books) for $8 ! I AM THRILLED

I have them stacked here beside me, some for me , some for the DH , a couple of CDS (macy grey is one) and then some to resell!

I would DEFINITELY recommend checking out your local library and finding out when the sales are......... AWESOME JUST AWESOME!

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