Monday, September 29, 2008

My new Kitchen Floor

The DH has been working LOTS of overtime! We decided to SAVE our monies that were EXTRA to do a FLOOR MAKEOVER in the kitchen & bathroom. COUNTERTOPS to come later
but we priced around and got the BEST deal from LOWES using a 10% off coupon that we got for having a "CC" and then SALE PRICE Too........ for the kitchen. For the bathroom , WE purchased the supplies separately and hired someone to "do it" for us, much smaller and we had many of the items we needed "left over" from the kitchen job............. the tile for the bathroom was on sale for 78cents each! I don't have pics of the bathroom, but the floor looks GOOD (not as much of a dramatic difference) and we have lots more to do in there, but the KITCHEN looks FANTASTIC! check it out............

This WAS my kitchen ..............
I have had the same floor for about 15-18 years and I really really really disliked it. It was hard to clean and the pattern was "ok" but UGH I didn't like it much..............

And here is another angle, I was getting ready for the TILE GUY and emptying my fridge............... NOTE: the LSU rug in front of my sink........... LOL bit the dust as I WORE IT OUT! it was "raveling"

NOTE: see the shrek popcorn tin, yep we are still enjoying popcorn from the GDA many months ago!


The one below is DARk and you really can't tell how good it really looks but WHAT A DIFFERENCE A NEW FLOOR CAN MAKE

if you click on the pic you can see them full size, OMG you can even see the math equations I was doing with Faith on the chalkboard!

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Suuze said...

Anjie, I love your new kitchen floor. Is it tile or laminate.
Believe it or not, I have an office (made out of another room) that I hate the floor also and have been trying to talk my husband into putting in a laminate floor in red (that looks like tile squares if we can find). Now with the way things are going, I think it will be a while before I get it. Also is that a traffic light I see in the distance in the next room? Just checking lol.
Honestly I do like the floor. Is it easy to clean?
Your friend