Thursday, September 14, 2017

September 14... Such a Great Day.... TO CELEBRATE "YOU"

On the Right Track!

This blog wasn't intended for letters.   I just noticed that my last post here was a letter,  a letter to Mimo ,  a letter of words I could not and cannot tell my friend that I miss so much.  This letter that I came here to write is different.  I can tell you Happy Birthday and anything in this letter, Today.... Tonight or even could have whispered in your ear while you are / were sleeping ...but instead ... I chose to write you another Birthday Letter that it will remain Forever...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BEST FRIEND..... I love you so much and I wish you a happy birthday WEEK just like I do every year.   Every year I try to make "your day, your week" different,  surprising and happy... and I hope I have succeeded this year as I do try every year.  Its been great so far with Race Weekend ,  Dinners out, and Movie Night followed by Bdubs and then we still have TODAY ... I wish that it could continue into the weekend, the month, even the year.... but not this year... this year we have work and responsibilities and commitments.   in 2 more years we may be able to do what I have in mind and make it a CELEBRATION MONTH or YEAR because that is EXACTLY what you deserve!!!

This past year we have done a lot of GREAT things together, so many that I can't even name them all. We have made great memories together and embraced life and each other with passion.   We have traveled, wined and dined and trudged through each day attempting to complete everything , but honestly have not even come close to finishing much.... but along the way  we have had each other to encourage and embrace through all of the good and even some "bad" that has entered our life without our permission.

The main thing I want to do is say I am so proud of you and the man you are.   You don't look 60... but your age has made you (as it has me) smarter and wiser and able to handle this world without too much worry.  We are at a good place in our life.... we are so spoiled ..... and lucky have what someone look their entire lives for and never find.

Thank you for choosing to spend the last 6 years with me.  Thank you for being my best friend,  my protector , the one I can trust and love without any reservations.   I love every single piece of you and what and who you are.  I love the way you giggle at my quirky ways,  and for going along with me on my adventures as sporadic and varied as they are , you are always up for being with me and standing with me side by side in life.  

I couldn't have a better best friend.

I am so lucky to have you ,  I just wish we had realized the possibilities much much sooner in life.  I intend on making every birthday and every other day we have in life as special as I can.... because that is exactly what you do for me.  Every Night or Day , when ever I am praying or meditating , you are right there ... in my list of blessings... and when we say TEAM .. you are the #1 player we rely on.  After all that we have been through in our lives..... we have been given this gift..... and I get the greatest  gift of all, so on your birthday ....I celebrate YOU and the gifts of love and friendship that come along with it.

Happy Birthday my BEST FRIEND,  MY HUSBAND...  I love you