Thursday, February 22, 2018

To my Daughter: KELLY Happy 30th Birthday

Turning 30 years old .... its a right of passage,  a timestamp, one that should be remembered.   I don't remember turning 30.... you were only 4 years old then Kelly,  about the same age as Ryker.   I love the relationship you have with him... its similar to the way we were.  You were always my Buddy... Mamma's Angel Baby... my Gift From God.      I love seeing him and you grow with such a fury... determined to smile through all of life's challenges, and I know you will continue to do so.

How Beautiful you are....  not only on the outside,  which is certainly undeniable but on the inside too.  You are giving and loving underneath all of that sassiness that life has given  you .  What a great mom you are and what a beautiful son you are raising, protecting and teaching  him to be resilient. 

There is nothing that can take away or tear down our bond.  I will be there for you no matter who or what happens,  you and I are "iron clad"    or "like a small gang"   as my other friend ,  Kelli,  told me once.  As sure as I am sitting here typing this tribute to you is as sure that you can be that your Mamma ,  your Madre ,  will be there for you no matter what.    The past couple of years have been tough for you and your little family of 2 , but again you make me proud, taking that bull by the horns and doing what you need to do to make it "right" for your Son.   Your moral code, your ethics, your sassiness and your sweetness shines through all of the mess.
My Beautiful Daughter  I love you more than life itself.

I wish you more fun, more great memories,  Your candles are blown out and the Happy Birthday Song is over now.... but the 30th year memories have just begun... make each moment the best and remember your 30th the rest of your life...

My Daughter My Best Friend...


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